Commercial Real Estate

Using years of experience in the valuation of commercial real estate, and close working relationships with assessors, we take a comprehensive approach to obtaining the lowest possible tax value for you.  Since no one knows your property better than you, we will work with you to assemble the most pertinent information about your property and develop an aggressive strategy for success.  We will consider all appropriate approaches to value including the cost, income, market approach, as well as ensuring your property is equally appraised with other similar property, and use this information to develop an accurate indication of what the assessed value should be.

We have worked hard through the years to develop relationships with assessor’s offices that are built on trust and respect, giving us the ability to approach staff with a well thought out and factual presentation designed to arrive at a fair value that keeps your tax burden manageable. 

With experience in all types of commercial real estate, including industrial, warehouse, multi-family, convenience stores, fast food, and office buildings, we are ready to go to work for you, so that you can focus on running your business and maximizing your bottom line.