Agriculture Use Special Appraisal Value

We bring years of experience to the table regarding all aspects of agriculture in Texas and many other states.  Obtaining and keeping the special agriculture valuation (often referred to as the ag exemption) is vital to owning and maintaining open space land for farming, ranching, hunting, and fishing in a sustainable way.  Our knowledge of the state and local guidelines, application process and requirements, and ultimately getting your application approved will give you the peace of mind that everything possible is being done to assure success.  If you want to convert your land to wildlife management, we can help you through the often-difficult process, including drafting a wildlife management plan, working with state and local biologists to get your plan approved, and filing the application and plan with the appraisal district, through final approval.  We can also assist in writing and filing the required annual reports that are filed with the appraisal district, and we will meet with appraisal district staff on your property when required, saving you time and money.